Training Aids

ISO Cleanliness Demo Kit:
Within the industry we classify fluid contamination levels with the use of Cleanliness Codes, which are generally provided by particle counters. If we are lucky we may get to look at particles under a microscope or view them via a patch test photo. However it is difficult to imagine just how much contamination it will take to impact on working oil systems, the cleanliness of new oils & fuel, etc.

Training AidsClean Lube Solutions have introduced an ISO Cleanliness Demo Kit ©  to help demonstrate just how little it takes to raise contamination levels. The kit assists by showing site personnel three main points:

  • The importance of keeping oil systems sealed as much as possible during maintenance including blanking of hoses & pipes, covering of wetted surfaces and flushing.
  • The importance of good oil system management practices such as correct breathers, sample valves, top up techniques and kidney loop filtering.
  • How little it takes to ‘contaminate’ an oil sample through incorrect sampling technique, choice of sampling location and type of sample point.

The ISO Cleanliness Demo Kit ©  is the first product in our range of awareness tools for industry.