Oil Analysis

Clean Lube Solutions has developed a number of Oil Analysis Programs.  For example our Turbine Oil Analysis Program is essentially a structured and proactive approach to monitoring in-service turbine oil.  The purpose of such a program is to aid the overall extension and trouble free operation of the turbine fluid, detect the likelihood of insoluble formation within the oil and to offer proactive measures to bring the oil back within specification when required.

Features & Benefits


  • Optimisation & Extension of Oil Life
  • Early Detection of Sludge, Varnish & Laquer
  • Reduction in complexity and cost of Oil Drain & Flush


  • Effective Oil Analysis Program carried out and overseen by a specialist organisation
  • A comprehensive bundle of oil tests carried out to optimise the program
  • Oil analysis testing frequencies that will allow for rapid detection of system oil changes
  • Effective reporting and feedback on the analysis results
  • Periodic site visits to review the analysis results and program, discuss issues and perform training as required
  • Consultation on oil related issues
  • Source of oil treatment equipment (Vacuum Purifiers, Filtration Equipment) – Hire or Sale
  • Assistance  with oil changes (Procedures, Equipment and Personnel)