Breather Adapters

Designed for use in any environment or process and with any fluid CLS brand breather adapters are constructed entirely of stainless steel with seamless joins & no internal threaded connections to cause oil or air leaks or trap contaminants.

CLS brand breather adapters are manufactured by Clean Lube Solutions to exceed quality standards within the lubrication industry.


breather adapters


Clean Lube Solutions breather adapters and filler adapters compliment their range of oil sample tubes and fittings.Constructed entirely of 316 stainless steel with seamless joins and no threaded connections to trap contaminants they are able to be used in any environment or process and with any fluid.

The unique internal porting design of these adapters allows for a relatively short unit (120mm) thereby not fouling on system components and hoses. All of the adapter functions (breather, sampling or dispensing) have their own dedicated flow path, not allowing dispensed oil to travel into the breather.

The porting size of the adapters provides a low pressure drop when re-circulating viscous lube oils (220-680cSt) using a filtration unit.

A stainless steel flange adapter is also available to connect to standard tank breather/filler caps.


As part of a complete cleanliness control strategy it is paramount that oil systems be kept sealed at all times. This includes the oil sampling, oil dispensing and fluid level monitoring procedures. At NO TIME should the oil system be open to the environment to allow the ingress of contaminants, both particles and moisture. This is particularly important in areas where high levels of airborne contaminants are present.

A system that is configured for total contamination exclusion will possess the following attributes:

  1. Have a good 3 micron air breather installed, with a focus on eliminating the ingress of both solid atmospheric dust and moisture from humidity, weather or wash-downs. A variety of quality products are available according to the system conditions and the installation should be elevated to a minimum of 100mm above the equipment surface.
  2. Have a dedicated sample valve and permanent drop tube installed to prevent the opening of the system and assuring consistent sampling from the same location.
  3. Have quick connect couplings installed both top and bottom to ensure the system is sealed when topping up with new oil and also when connecting a recirculation filtration unit.