Hands On Lubrication Training Course

This Hands On Lubrication Training Course is run over a 2 day period and is aimed at providing a basic understanding of hydrocarbon management. The course covers a vast scope of information required by technicians to be a fully functional and effective part of the maintenance and condition monitoring team.

This course can be conducted on site and is therefore able to be customised to the specific industry and site issues. A large practical content is included within the course framework with the use of multi media presentations and case studies.

Attendees will gain a basic understanding of lubricant properties and practices, safety, storage, handling of lubricants, contamination control and oil analysis etc. After attending this course personnel will be able to demonstrate safe and accurate lubrication and oil sampling techniques.

Hands On Lubrication Training CourseHANDS ON LUBRICATION BASICS brochure

bearingtCourse Topics:

  • Lubrication mechanisms
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Bearings
  • Types of Grease & Inspections
  • Gears
  • Product handling, storage & environment
  • Contamination control fundamentals
  • ISO Cleanliness Code
  • Lube Rooms
  • Introduction to filtration
  • Oil sampling
  • Water contamination
  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Lubrication system auditing
  • Lubrication Management Practices

Practical: Practical training exercises determining grease volumes and frequencies, oil sampling, contamination inspection.