Maximise asset life and minimise machinery breakdowns by utilising Clean Lube Solutions’ professional lubrication training courses. Your investment in appropriately trained staff will ensure improved reliability and safety which, in turn, boosts business performance by reducing the high costs associated with unreliable machinery and breakdowns.

Reliability professionals throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South America, Africa and South Africa have benefited from getting hands on in our selection of lubrication management training programs which are suitable for novice and advanced personnel including Lubrication Technicians; Reliability Engineers; Mechanical Fitters; Maintenance Supervisors & Team Leaders; Condition Monitoring staff; Machine Operators; Turbine Engineers; etc.

Depending on the lessons required the various courses listed below may cover but are not limited to: Patch Testing; Oil Change Procedures; Water Contamination; Filtration Performance; Grease Selection; Maintenance Strategies; Wear Analysis; Oil Sampling Techniques; System Flushing; Oil Condition Monitoring; Mobile Filter Units; Oxidation Causes and Effects; Cleanliness Codes; Site Contamination Control Practices; etc.

Clean Lube Solutions lubrication training may be delivered either onsite or in-house (depending on attendance numbers) and may be customised to your requirements where necessary.