Patch Kit Microscopes

E5 Trinocular Microscope

Part Number LL-PK-E5



The E5 microscope detailed is the standard unit with the Patch Kit. Other microscopes or variations can be specified as well as optional extras. This microscope can also be ordered separately.

Camera & Capture Software:

The E5 microscope is trinocular with built in USB 2mp camera. Includes capture software for real time viewing and capture twain software for Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit), Mac. Can operate on laptop or PC.


The LED illuminator clips onto the rear USB hub for metallurgical inspection of wear particles, by way of illumination from the top via the attachable LED lights. The flexible arms allow the user to direct light onto the petri slide as required. Transmitted illumination via a variable 6V 20W halogen variable allows for further light enhancement if required.


  • A mechanical stage, twin layer with co-axial controls for smooth slide manipulation.
  • A condenser, NA 1.25, with iris diaghram
  • Course & fine focus
  • Eyepiece reticule (scale)
  • 0.35 C mount for camera


  • WF 10x with one eyepiece having reticule (1mm in 100 div)


  • A 4x /010 -(X40)
  • A 10x /0.25 -(X100)
  • Achromatic
  • 4x /0.10
  • 10x /0.25

Camera with the following bullet points

  • GT 2.0 – 1/2.p” CMOS colour 2MP USB2 Camera
  • Frame rate of 3 OFPS
  • Software – Mosaic 2 for Windows and Mac

Accessories (extra):

  • A 20x /0.40 (X200) objective