Oil Condition Monitoring Basics

Contamination Awareness

Of 6 to 8 hours duration, this introductory course focuses on understanding the range of oil analysis testing methods and how they fit into your condition monitoring program. Learn to select the best testing methods for maximum results and take control of your oil analysis program. Learn to interpret a laboratory report and to proactively implement measures that will improve plant reliability.

Course Topics:

Contamination Analysis

  • Monitoring contamination
  • The ISO 4406 Cleanliness Code
  • Target Cleanliness Levels
  • Oil Analysis Methods
  • Types of tests
  • Selecting the most appropriate test methods

Oil Analysis Methods

  • Types of test
  • Selecting test methods

Oil Condition Monitoring BasicsOIL CONDITION MONITORING BASICS brochure

Oil Analysis Reports

  • Report familiarisation
  • Report interpretation
  • Report case studies
  • Proactive approach to reports


  • Microscopic oil analysis
  • Wear debris inspection
  • Cleanliness levels
  • Water analysis