Sample Valves & Oil Sampling Equipment

Designed to exceed best practice standards of lubrication management, Clean Lube Solutions has constructed the CLS brand of top quality dedicated oil sampling hardware which allows quick, accurate and safe sampling guaranteed free from external contamination.

Manufactured in Australia the CLS brand of sample points are constructed entirely of stainless steel with seamless joins and no internal threaded connections to trap impurities.


ll_pds_sample fittings_12_revl-013The technique of taking consistent machinery oil samples should ensure an accurate and reliable diagnosis in any contamination analysis program. Improper practices that include oil samples being drawn by methods that inadvertently allow exposure to contamination, air and moisture are a waste of time, effort and capital and are innately ineffective.

Accurately determine contamination and wear levels with Clean Lube Solutions’ dedicated range of CLS oil sample points and adapters. Available in various lengths and dimensions, these sample fittings allow for quick, accurate, cost effective and safe
sampling results. A permanent sampling tube and dedicated sample port is installed that maintains a sealed oil system whilst taking samples and in most cases can be performed while the machine is running

Sample Valves & Equipment



  • Gearboxes with splash oil feed
  • Hydraulic & lube system reservoirs
  • Pressured pipe work (mid point)
  • Oil return pipe work (tell tails)
  • Underground mining equipment
  • Compressors
  • Engines
  • Differentials and final drives
  • Plummer block bearing housings
  • Remote or difficult access oil systems