Complete Product List

Breather Adapters – unique dedicated flow path disallows dispensed oil to travel into the breather
Breathers – desiccant, bulk tank, reservoir, gearbox, water repellent & TRAP designs
Bulk Fluid Storage & Dispensing Solutions – IBC & drum dispensing stands, skids & panel units, oil storage containers and transfer systems.
Camlock Line Sampler Kit – Installs directly at tanker camlock with sampling probe & valve to sample unloading fluid
Condition Monitoring Pod – Luneta. Daily 1 minute inspections for gearboxes, sumps, reservoirs & low pressure systems
Consulting – Oil analysis, filtration, lubrication management & contamination control, procedures, site audits
Dispensing Cabinet (IBC) – all weather, fully integrated, 1000 ltr IBC storage, filtered dispensing, pneumatic pump
Dispensing Panels & Skids (IBC) – hook over IBC filter panels (tap or bowser). Hook over or forkliftable skid models
Dispensing Stands (Drum) – filter & decant fluids from 40 gallon drums. Fully sealed, sample valve, tap, drum spear, etc
Drum Spears – adjustable length with integrated breather connection point
Eye Wash Station – lightweight Porta Stream model. No plumbing required
Electrostatic Oil Cleaners – Kleentek brand. Kidney loop system traps & removes insoluble contaminants
Filter Trolleys/Carts – high and low viscosity models available for removal of contaminants from oil
Gearbox Sample Adapters – dipstick assembly with oil level markings suitable for Komatsu & similar gearbox oil sampling
Hand Held Drum Dispensing Filtration Unit – Portable filter unit to dispense oil from drums
Hand Held (Portable) Filter Unit – filters small volumes of high viscosity oils
Hose Stands – heavy duty & powder coated with hanging pegs, drip tray & 4 swivel castors
ISO Cleanliness Demo Kit – a training aid to help demonstrate how little it takes to raise contamination levels
Lube Room Accessories – equipment recommended for the fit out of a safe & organised lube room
Lube Rooms (Containerised) – 20 & 40’ containers designed & fitted out for your unique lube storage & dispensing needs
Lube Room (Integrated) – Fluidall brand. Small footprint, integrated storage, filtration & dispensing system
Oil Level Sight Glasses – Des-Case brand. All models available including 3D Bullseye & high temperature
Oil Sampling Kit – complete kit & storage solution for on the go oil sampling
Oil Transfer Containers – DesCase brand. Hand held, colour coded & with breather vent in 4, 7 & 10 litre sizes
Particle Counters – Parker brand. Online particle detector, Bottle Sampler, Oil & fuel Samplers & Icount Laser CM
Patch Kit Workstation – portable, fully equipped surface & storage solution for patch testing of oils. Includes microscope
Patch Test Kit – complete oil analysis kit with x100 magnification microscope comes in a wheeled heavy duty case
Patch Test Kit (Field) – complete fluid analysis kit in a lightweight carry case with mini x100 magnification microscope
Patch Test Station – safe, lockable, dedicated oil analysis station. Includes integrated storage for all patch test equipment
Sample Valves/Ports/Adapters – selection of unique designs allow for quick, accurate oil sampling
Sample Pump & Bottles – hand operated vacuum pump to draw oil samples
Training in Lubrication Management – various hands on classes available, basics to advanced & patch test training
Viscometer (Falling Ball) – Heated. Tests viscosity of both residual fuel & lube oil
Water Sensors – hand held & fixed. Accurately measures water saturation levels in oils
Water Test Kits (Calcium Hydrite) – Electronic test cell detects water in lubricating oils