Onsite Diagnostic Equipment

Onsite Diagnostic Equipment


Water Sensor – Hand held

Accurately measures percentage saturation of water in any oil type or viscosity. Able to measure very low levels of moisture in oils with no messy or dangerous chemicals. Portable rechargable unit in a foam protected, sturdy, light weight carry case.

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentFeatures:
Robust housing
Scratch proof colour display with touch function
Display & touch keys illumination on/off
Top mounted digital probe connection
Dimensions: 170mm x 62mm x 34mm
Weight: ca. 205g (0.45lbs)
Probe: WS 19S included
Fluids: Mineral & synthetic oils, Fuels
Temperature Range: Oil temperature:  -40c to 120c
                                       Operating:  handheld & handle of sensing probe 0c to 50c
                                       Storage:  -20c to 60c
Display: TFT, 54 x 41mm illuminated
Internal Memory: approx. 2 million measured values
Power Supply: 4 x alkaline LR6 AA batteries, 1.5v
Optional Power Supply: 5V DC via USB (cable included)
Integrated Air Pressure Sensor
Measuring Range: 800 to 1100 mbar (complete accuracy)
Accuracy: max. ± 0.5mbar (at 25°, 1013.25 mbar)
Long Term Stability: typ. -1 mbar/year

Calcium Hydride Water Test Kit

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentDescription:
Electronic test cell with the ability to detect water in lubricating oils. Offered in ranges including 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20% and 200 -1000ppm. Test cell battery life up to 5 years. Reagents included for up to 50 tests.

Falling Ball Viscometer – Heated

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentDescription:
The Heated Viscometer is suitable for testing viscosity of both residual fuel & lube oil from a wide variety of applications including diesel engines, gas and aviation turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels. Viscosity of lube oil is the most important property with the correct viscosity providing optimum film strength in system clearances, with minimum friction losses and leakage.

Water Sensor – Fixed

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentDescription:
Measures percentage saturation of any oil type or viscosity. Able to measure very low levels of moisture in oil with no messy chemicals.

Connection: 1⁄2”BSPM
Fluids: Mineral & synthetic oils, Fuels
Display: LCD Display
Accuracy: ±2%

Water Sensor – Verification Kit

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentDescription:
Verification kit for water sensor accuracy, includes calcium chloride, lithium chloride, verification jars, gloves and instructions.

Portable Cleanliness Monitor

As part of continued component cleanliness pass off’ checks or predictive maintenance programs a cleanliness monitor quickly reports test data so that ongoing assessments can be made. Early detection of abnormal fluid cleanliness allows for timely investigation and corrective actions to be implemented.

Onsite Diagnostic EquipmentFeatures:
Proven mesh blockage technology
Results not affected by water or air
High and low pressure on-line or off-line sampling
Continuous monitoring
500 test memory
PC-based trending software