Training – Advanced Lubrication Principles for Turbine Engineers

Advanced Lubrication Principles for Turbine Engineers – TE1

The Clean Lube Solutions Advanced Lubrication Principles for Turbine Engineers training course has been specifically designed to be presented on-site and contains references to actual case studies. The course is designed for Turbine Engineers, Reliability/CM Engineers.

Course Aim: To provide engineering staff with the knowledge to proactively maintain lubricants, in particular turbine oil. By optimising the turbine oil asset we aim to increase its service life and minimise oil related problems on equipment.

Attendance: Turbine Engineers, Reliability/CM engineers.
Duration: 8 hours, with appropriate breaks
Course Numbers: Maximum of 15 per course
Course Material: A course manual inclusive of overhead slides, reference material, articles & case studies supplied to all attendees.


Course Structure: Preliminaries and Agenda Intro to Instructor, Facilities, HSE etc.

  • Introduction Lubrication Costs
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Machinery Failures
  • Changing the way we go about business
  • Advanced Lubrication Principles for Turbine EngineersContamination Control approach
  • Manufacture Lubricating Oils Review of base oils and additives
  • Turbine Oil
  • Chemistry
  • Types – Group I vs Group II vs Group III
  • Grease Review of composition, base oils, thickeners, additives, types
  • Grease vs Oil
  • Selection
  • Application
  • Contamination Control Cause of premature failures
  • Total Contamination Control
  • Sources of contamination
  • ISO Cleanliness Code
  • Patch testing
  • Filtration Performance Rating
  • Filter & Housing design
  • Media types
  • Breathers
  • Filter Trolleys
  • Water Contamination Associated Problems
  • Bearing Life Extension
  • Detection Methods
  • Removal Methods
  • Oil Change Procedures Flushing
  • High velocity turbulent flow
  • Benefits and limitations
  • Advanced Lubrication Principles for Turbine EngineersProcedures
  • Oil Oxidation What is Oxidation
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Prolonging oil life & reducing effects
  • Turbine Oil Analysis Testing
  • Types of tests
  • Recommended limits
  • Varnish & Oxidation Testing
  • Why test for V&O insolubles
  • Types of tests
  • Reporting Turbine Oil Analysis Reports Familiarisation with Turbine Test
  • Reports
  • Interpretation Producing proactive recommendations

To ensure comprehension of the presented material there is a short question sheet at the end of each module.

A course certificate is presented on successful completion.

The standard courses and topics shown are indicative of the requirements of most organizations.

The structure content and duration of training can vary according to individual requirements.

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