Patch Kit Work Station

The Clean Lube Solutions’ light weight mobile Patch Kit Work Station provides a dedicated surface and storage solution for all your patch testing requirements. Comes complete with all equipment necessary to perform an oil analysis test including, membranes, microscope, air pump, etc. A complete patch test kit in a cabinet!


breather adapters


Forget about unpacking all the oil analysis gear and finding a suitable space to conduct your patch testing each time you need to check for contamination and wear debris. This dedicated patch test work station comes inclusive of all equipment to prepare analysis membranes with each drawer labelled and a dedicated working surface and storage space for each component. The microscope is inclusive of a USB2 camera and software to observe images in real time and 2 x LED light source.


This patch kit work station provides the ideal solution for industrial workshop environments without a dedicated location for performing oil analysis procedures. Clean Lube Solutions has developed this dedicated stainless steel work surface and storage solution in one which is able to be wheeled to required locations. It provides generous storage compartments for membranes, pumps, microscope, gloves, etc to ensure all necessary components are within easy reach.


  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Labelled storage locations with acoustic foam packing
  • Labelled storage drawer for used membranes for future reference
  • Key lockable cabinet with auto lock drawers
  • Stainless steel work top
  • Side folding work trays with EVA liner
  • 2”Heavy duty PU swivel casters
  • Dimensions: 475L x 1226W x 955H
Patch Kit Work Station