Lubrication Room Management

Best practice in lubrication management may be achieved with an audit and upgrade to current facilities.

Clean Lube Solutions has introduced a structured Lubrication Management Program to assist organisations with their journey towards best practice in lubrication management. Key components of this program which will ensure lubrication and contamination control excellence are:

A. The correct storage and dispensing of lubricants.

B. The use of a well designed and operated lube room.

Key items required to meet Lube Room best practices include:

  1. Facility – correctly designed and specified facility
  2. Drum/IBC dispensing – including pumps, drum spikes with desiccant breathers, surge elimination & filtration.
  3. Decanting – into ProFill colour-coded transport containers
  4. Labelling – including colour coding
  5. Procedures – operation & maintenance of lube room
  6. Grease gun storage – clean & correctly stored
  7. MSDS – correctly displayed
  8. Accessory storage cabinets – including grease nipples, fittings, etc
  9. Drum trolley – for correct drum management
  10. Transfer filter trolleys – with matched hoses for top ups & system filtration
  11. Hose storage rack – bunded and mobile for correct hose storage
  12. Eye wash station & fire extinguishers – required HSE items for dispensing

Clean Lube Solutions can assist with the design and supply of both lube room facility and equipment, whether it is an improvement to an existing facility or new construction. We offer professional consultative services and specifically designed equipment to ensure that dispensed fluids are supplied at the required cleanliness level and are safeguarded against any likelihood of product cross-contamination.

Lubrication Room Management