IBC Dispensing Cabinet

Clean Lube Solutions brand IBC dispensing cabinets are designed and manufactured in-house to meet the demand for safe, clean and convenient IBC storage and dispensing requirements. These all-weather cabinets enable the protected storage of 1000 litre IBC’s and in-field dispensing of filtered oils


The IBC Dispensing Cabinet is a fully integrated storage and dispensing solution for 1000 litre IBC’s. The cabinet contains a pneumatic pump & filter to dispense filtered oils from one IBC into an operating oil system / reservoir. Space is available to store a second 1000 litre IBC for future use. The robust enclosure is suitable for all weather use and is bunded to contain 2000 litres of oil according to AS1940:2004. An accessible operators panel is included to fully monitor system pressure, filter blockage and to adjust oil flow rate.


Not all oil system replenishing requirements allow for the usual dispensing of oils via standard methods. Due to continual leakage or simply due to the convenience of bulk oil readily at hand, drums or IBC’s are sometimes located close to oil systems for continual topping. This means either drums or IBC’s are open to the weather, are not usually bunded and can be pumping contaminated oil into system reservoirs.

Clean Lube Solutions have designed the forkliftable IBC Dispensing Cabinet for in-field use to be located and connected to the required oil system for continual supply of filtered oil.


The Clean Lube Solutions (CLS) powder coated containment bund and cabinet is supplied complete with:
• Lifting Lugs & Fork Tynes
• Quick & Simple Connection of IBC’s
• Pulse Dampener
• 5:1 Pneumatic Pump
• Accessible Desiccant Breather
• Differential Filter Pressure Gauge
• Fluid Pressure Gauge
• Oil Test Point
• Shut Off Valve
• Colour Coded Oil Designation Signage
• Air Pressure Regulator & Locking Collar
• Quality Filter with 5, 7 or 12 Micron Element
• Flexible Suction Hose that Pivots for IBC Access
• Valve, Hose and Connections to Recirculate Drum
• External Air & Oil Connectors/Valves to the Rear

IBC Dispensing Cabinet