Hand Held Drum Dispensing Unit


Hand Held Drum Dispensing UnitDescription:
This light weight filter unit has been specifically designed for ease of use when dispensing bulk oils from drums. Able to be easily installed the dispensing unit is an effective and user friendly device for the application of transferring oils into smaller dispensing containers. Used in conjunction with a mobile container storage trolley the execution of fluid transfer becomes a safe and effective undertaking. Quick connect fittings are used to transfer fluids ensuring that the container lid or pump assembly does not need to be removed which is vital to ensure total contaminant exclusion when dispensing in an open space or area.

>Kidney loop filtering of oil drums prior to dispensing
>Quality Pall filtration ensuring that oils meet the required ISO4406Cleanliness Code
>Drum breather spike assembly providing dual functions of breather mounting and suction spike with adjustable length
>Quick connect dispensing into containers to eliminate environmental contaminants

>Quick connect dispensing into containers for complete contamination exclusion (no tap available)
>Viscosity up to & including ISO460oil
>Quality Pall 5, 7 or 12 micron β=2000 filter with visual blockage indicator
>Dedicated drum/breather spear with desiccant breather
>Colour coded oil label to match container & site specification
>Delivery & suction hoses with female camlocks & plugs
>Easy access on/off switch on pump motor
>Single phase 10amp electrical connection
>Pump bypass/relief fitted and set to 5bar
>Aluminium checker frame with rubber feet
>Flow rate – 9 litres/min
>Camlock connections with caps & chains
>Dimensions -450mmH x 500mmW x 300mmD
>20kg maximum weight
>Inlet/outlet valves

>Trolley for dispensing containers
>Colour coded dispensing containers