DesCase Oil Transfer Containers

DesCase Oil Transfer Containers ensure best practice when transferring small volumes of oil, topping off reservoirs and storing smaller volumes of oil onsite or in the field. Oil is kept clean and dry during storage and transfer to machinery with a maximum operating viscosity range of ISO VG 680 (3000ssu/648cSt) at 100°F/38°C within ambient temperature ranges of -40°F to 176°F (-40°C to 80°C)


1- Three Practical Container Sizes – Space saving square containers in three sizes – 1 gallon/ 4 liter, 1.8 gallon/7 liter, 2.6 gallon/10 liter
2- Dispensing and Pump Lids – Hex and ridge design for strength and an ergonomically designed handle for a firm grip on the dispensing lid
3- Trigger Mechanism – Precise pour control and locking mechanism for ease of use, and  a specially designed spring and o-rings keep lubricants sealed until the trigger is engaged
4- Port for Optional Breather – Optional non-desiccant (DC-ND-2) or desiccant (DCBB) breathers can be added to control moisture and contaminants, basic lid comes standard with a vent plug
5- ISO B Port – Optional 1/2″ ISO B quick connect ports for best practices oil transfer to container
6- Interchangeable Spouts – Interchangeable spouts come in 5″ or 8″ rigid and 16″ extended, three tip sizes, and 11 colors
7- Spout Cap – Spout cap prevents contamination of oil during storage and can be clipped onto the side of the spout during use
8- Pump Color-Coding Cap and Ring – Color-coding cap for lid and ring for pump come in 11 colors and offer a best practices color-coding solution
9- Pump – Heavy duty pump with D-ring downstroke handle delivers 1 liter with approximately 12 strokes
10- Pump Hose – Pump hoses available in 5′ or 10′ lengths, and with a dispensing nozzle or 1/2″ ISO B coupler
11- Lubricant Tagging System – 2″ X 3″ color- coding labels with recommended


• Isolates and protects oil to meet best practice standards with breathers and ISO B quick connects
• Provides variable flow control with trigger mechanism
• Square containers store 27% more volume per square foot than round containers
• Prevents cross contamination and provides easy lubricant identification with 11-colorcoding options and tagging system
• Minimizes inventory management with modular, interchangeable spouts, collar rings, and pump caps as the only color-coded components

Recommended for mineral-based industrial oils and most synthetic oils. HDPE containers will not chemically react with oil or additive packages.