Kleentek Oil Cleaners

Kleentek Electrostatic Oil Cleaners remove contaminants, like oil oxidation products and varnish, to sub-micron levels and also remove deposits from system internals such as the oil reservoir and pipe work. Used in a multitude of applications that use hydraulic or lubrication oil they increase machine life expectancy and efficiency.

Kleentek Oil Cleaners


Kleentek ELC’S

Unlike traditional oil filtration Kleentek’s patented electrostatic technology removes all insoluble contaminants including degradation by-products that are responsible for varnish.

Kleentek Oil Cleaners

Kleentek electrostatic oil cleaners actually clean the internals of the system. The technology allows the lubricants to act as a system cleaner, stripping varnish away one molecular layer at a time.

Oxidation in oil reservoirs is curable with Kleentek.

Kleentek systems have the unique ability to draw contaminants of all sizes out of the oil, using a kidney-loop system, trapping them on the surface of a collector. This removal of all insoluble contaminants, including tars and varnishes, allows you to achieve ultimate machine performance.

Traditional mechanical filters remove only large particles, while Kleentek electrostatic systems are particle size independent, allowing submicron particles as well as large contaminants to be removed from any nonconductive liquid. This means that only insoluble oil contaminants are extracted. Soluble additives present in the oil are not affected.

Because the Kleentek system is so effective at maintaining oil cleanliness, it significantly reduces the need for repeated oil changes.


Ultra Low Maintenance
High Capacity – All Pleated Collectors
Up to 10,000hrs Continual Operation

Benefits & Return-on-Investment

  • Kleentek Oil CleanersExtended Oil Life
  • Varnish-Free Lube and Hydraulic Oil Circuits
  • Extended Seal and O-Ring Life
  • Elimination of Costly System Flushes
  • Energy Savings – Lowering Coefficient of
  • Friction in Mechanical Equipment
  • Avoidance of Unplanned Outages
  • Improved Heat Exchanger Performance
  • Reduced Machine Downtime
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost

Selection Guide (For NAS Class 9 or Equivalent)

Operating Parameters

Oil: Mineral base oils except engine oil
Viscosity: Below 200cSt
Temp: Below 60oC
Moisture: Below 500ppm